MyMusic - Audio Player

MyMusic is a powerful file manager for iOS and Android that enables you to manage files on your device. You can play the files, manage them and export them to your computer.

Audio Manager

A powerful music player that has many features. Shows the album art and music info. You can control the music from outside the app as well.


Create playlists and repeat and shuffle songs. Edit your track details to create personalized playlists.

Video Player

Built-in Video Player to play your videos inside the app. Video playback of many common formats is supported.

File Manager

Built-in File Manager for organizing your files. All file types are fully supported. Export your files to other apps or to your computer.

Download Manager

A powerful Download Manager that enables you to download your files easily and securely. It supports parallel downloads in the background and is optimized to preserve your battery life.

Gacha Videos

Use your audio files in the app for your Gacha videos! You can export your music to a video editing app that is used by Gacha life users and edit your video there.


Music playback continues with the screen locked and in the background. The app is very efficient and lightweight so your battery and device performance is preserved.

Passcode lock

Supports Locking of the app so that no one can access the application even when it is on and the screen gets locked or recovered from the background.